Illustrator Study: Christian Robinson

Click here to see the presentation, with complete notes as a slideshow presentation, without narration.


To be frank, I am not a fan of oral presentations and would much rather write a twenty page paper. I struggle with timing and visual presentations.  I wasn’t sure about including videos but I figure some peers will want to flip through the slides on their own, and those who do watch the presentation I hope go back to see the videos and click on all the links! I know as a learner that I flourish in certain environments and not in others. Can you believe I made it all the way through college, and grad school without making a powerpoint? This past year is only when I’ve really made them.  At first, I thought I’d take a leap and tried to make a prezi, but it made me dizzy. I thought it’d be easier to able to record one slide at a time, but that was a paid feature too. Ah well, the better to spend time on content rather than style!  I defaulted back to slides because it’s more familiar to me and I like that you can include links!  It was challenging to decide what should go on the slides and what should stay in the script… and what should be left out of both!  The more research I did, the more I found this illustrator saying wonderful things about children’s lit, representation, and art.  I’m excited to continue to share his works with my students next year, and perhaps even show them this presentation.